Varied designing materials are available in today’s economy. Modern technology allows these fabrics/materials to be molded into different angles and properties providing greater strength and elicit unique forces. At Prestige 1 Carbon we can custom design these fabrics to suit your needs.


We are extremely knowledgeable in the products we sell and can ensure you would be buying the right product for your task. P1C can provide solutions while improving your project. Whether it be a few hours of consultation in person, phone, or via Skype we will do whatever is necessary to bring your concept to a finished product.


We use both CAD and Solidworks and put your project through a trial run. We can also build a mock up or 3d printed model for visual conception.

-Product Testing

Finished products can undergo extensive testing to ensure the structural integrity and functional tests (ie. sporting goods).


There is a growing trend of material products being designed in the USA. Statistics have identified that more American people are willing to purchase “Made in the USA” products even if the price is slightly higher from International sources. We have facilities in Southern California that supports our local economy and business development. We also purchase nationwide and in Canada.


Pricing is based on your requirements (volume) and size of the project. , Please call or fill out a quote form on this page and we will be I touch with you shortly.